Morgan Ranch Yearling Bulls
Ronny 308-750-4454, Roger 308-750-4453, Pat 308-214-0772

Here are a select group of bulls that cant wait to get into production
These Bulls are ET and AI calves.
Born April 4, 2019
R693 is a Small Town Kid son that is an eye catcher.  He is heavy muscled and clean fronted, this bull doesn't have a hole in him.  Check out his EPD spread.
Pedigree and EPDs
Born April 2, 2019
Here is a Leader son that is long and sound, he has a lot of rib and balance.  
We are really excited about this calf.  Check out his EPDs
Pedigree and EPDs

Born April 8, 2019
Chosen One can really put one together, this cross cant miss, 
the calves are stout and solid.
Pedigree and EPDs
Born April 6, 2019
Full brother to R697, this bull is cool.  He is well balanced, sound made and bold middle.  Check out his EPD's, that is a heck of a spread.
Pedigree and EPDs