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Lot 10    04/11/2022      Polled            Video        
MRI MISS LEADER U254      P44372914
This heifer can really park it. She is super balance, ultra-feminine and takes a long athletic stride. We really believe in putting Leader on those Chosen One females, it puts a more refined look on the power of the Chosen One. Gotta love her dark cherry color and her sweetheart attitude

Lot 11    04/14/2022     Polled            Video        
RPM MISS ENDURE U312      P44386327
There is a lot that could be said about this heifer, when you get an eye on her she just impresses you with her balance and muscle pattern. She drives it deep in her stifle and stand on a great structure, we really appreciate the amount of the lower and mid rib that she has. This heifer has the ability to go a long way

Lot 12    04/18/2022      Horned            Video            
MRI MISS ENDURE U354      44386330
Do not overlook this heifer, she is a smoking good one. Super elegant in her design, long fronted, well balanced, heavy muscled, bold rib type of female that’s just going to do it every single day for you

Lot 13    04/11/2022     Polled            Video    
RPM MISS ENDURE U702ET      P44377882
This red eyed heifer is out of our Goggles bull and the Perfect Timing cow. She is a super fronted heifer that is extremely proud and maternal through her front end, she stands tall at the top of the shoulder and is level lined. We love the depth of this female and how she really likes to stride out and cover her tracks

Lot 14    04/05/2022      Polled        Video
RPM MISS FULL THROTTLE U862      P44372911
There’s a big body, deep made female that’s just super sound. Her mother has always been and eyecatcher, she always breeds up and milks heavy. She’s got a lot of future in her

Lot 15    05/18/2022      Polled            Video    
RPM MISS GOLD LEADER U717     P44372915
Hear is a May that is got a ton of performance, style and femininity to her. She has a fancy frontend that ties smooth into her shoulder and balances out just perfectly. She come from a bloodline that is super hearty, growthy, and easy keeping. She is a younger heifer that got lots of growth to her and plenty of size

Lot 16    06/03/2022     Horned        Video      
RPM MISS ENDURE U770      44388727
This June heifer is going to find the backdrop regularly. She ties it all together, with that amount of muscle, rib, and depth along with the structure and balance that she brings. She’ll always rise to the top

Lot 17    06/08/2022      Polled            Video        
RPM MISS ENDURE U774      P44388725
She is just as pretty as a button, she’s the type of heifer that peaks around the corner and you know she’s cute. Properly balanced, feminine as they come and got a great rib and middle section to her. She comes from an awesome cow that is as feminine as they come.

Lot 18    08/29/2021      Polled            Video        
MCP MISS ENDURE T569      P44311653
We were going through the fall replacements and knew this girl was too good not to offer. She is a brute. The amount of muscle, rib and depth she brings to the party is unreal I love this girl for the way she stands, moves and catches your eye.