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Oct. 26
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Lot 1    03/31/2022       Horned            Video  
RPM MISS FULL THROTTLE U688      44377880
I’d really hate to have to go against this heifer. She has tremendous muscle, great depth the body and rib. She has a deep flank but yet she still clean and feminine through that front end. She’s out of a bull that is tried and true around here for making powerful-long bodied cows and a Davidson dam that really puts style and muscle in every one of her offspring. This is the type of female you hang your hat on and make the lead off every day

Lot 2    03/30/2022      Polled            Video    
RPM MISS ENDURE U656ET      P44377879
This heifer would look good in your pen. She’s a super broody girl with a ton of bone rib and mass along with lots of muscle and great stride when she moves out. Her mother is the poster girl for good Hereford cows. U656 is out of our Endure bull we showed last year, and he can make those deep-soggy type cattle that have a big top and square hip. She’s one that caught our eye since day one and she’ll catch your eye every day you walk out to see her

Lot 3    03/25/2022     Polled            Video
RPM MISS FULL THROTTLE U059      P44372898
There’s not going to be one out there that’s got more muscle and power than this female. She’s bold throughout, wide based and sound structure. Her parentage puts muscle and bone to the forefront. This heifer catches your eye every time you look at her and she’s guaranteed to find that judge ‘s favorite list

Lot 4    03/10/2022      Polled            Video        
MRI MISS LEADER U104      P44386329
Everybody needs a pasture full of these super broody and maternal females like her. She is solid in her make up, got a great big bone, solid foot underneath of her and carries plenty or rib depth throughout. The maternal ability of her parents is unmatched, a Leader out of a Catapult will make the dream cow. This heifer really ties things together and has a nice presence about her yet she is going to be an excellent cow in the future

Lot 5    03/29/2022      Polled            Video        
RPM MISS ENDURE U633      P44377886
The Miranda cow family coming out strong. She’s an ultra-deep, moderate frame female that’s got a ton of rib and performance. She is a ¾ sister to the bull we showed last year, and she is developing the same way he did. She is really cool package that’ll certainly make it to the purple ribbon

Lot 6    03/30/2022     Polled            Video        
RPM MISS LEADER U652      P44386331
We put this green Leader in the sale because she is correct made. She’s long and balanced that comes from her sound structure. A really cool pedigree here, we’ve got the maternal of Leader and the power of Chosen One. She’s green now but look out cause she is going to take off from here.  

Lot 7    04/10/2022      Polled            Video    
RPM MISS ENDURE U699ET      P44380601
This will put you on the fast track to the backdrop. She’s a 173d daughter that is super deep, got great rib to her and is extremely well balanced. She comes tall out of the point of her shoulder and just put it all together in a great package. That pedigree is royalty. 173D on our Perfect Timing cow, they don’t come better than that.

Lot 8    04/10/2022      Polled            Video        
RPM MISS ENDURE U693      P44372882
That’s a really nice modern frame female that’s got a great middle rib whit lots of muscle depth throughout. Here’s a Tabulate granddaughter that has always been an easy keeper and gets better with every day

Lot 9    04/05/2022      Polled            Video
RPM MISS FULL THROTTLE U157      P44372889
This heifer is sure to be a crowd pleaser. She has a ton of muscle put into a well-balanced, elegant package that stands on a great foot with a super stride. Those fancy Davidson cows can really put the style in their calves. She’s one that’s going to be at the top of her class every day of the week